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Pattern & Methoding

Expert Wooden Pattern Manufacturer for High-Quality Steel Casting


Datre Corporation is dedicated to providing leading wooden patterns for the production of steel castings. Our skilled artisans employ the most recent equipment and methods to develop and produce high-quality designs that adhere to your particular requirements.


Our Wooden Pattern Manufacturer Services

Our company provides a variety of wooden pattern design and production services, such as custom pattern creation, pattern upkeep and repair, and CNC wood carving. Our staff collaborates closely with you to make sure that your patterns are made to your specific specifications and are precise and efficient for steel casting manufacturing.

It might be difficult to find a skilled and reputable Wooden Pattern Manufacturer for the production of steel castings. Patterns of poor quality might provide variable casting outcomes, wasting time and money. This issue is resolved by Datre by providing premium wooden patterns that are made to match your unique requirements and guarantee precise and reliable casting outcomes.

The first step in the creation of your wooden patterns is a consultation during which we will go through your unique wants and specifications. Then, in close collaboration with you, our team designs and produces a unique pattern that satisfies all of your requirements. Every pattern we make will be of very high quality and consistency thanks to the production process. Our cutting-edge CNC wood carving technology and our use of the most recent equipment and methods guarantee that every design we create is exceptionally accurate and consistent.


Key Features

  • Manufacturing and creation of custom wooden patterns
  • High-quality, long-lasting patterns
  • Technology for CNC wood carving
  • maintenance and repair of patterns
  • Casting outcomes with exceptional uniformity and precision

In house pattern shop for wooden pattern with Computer Aided Methoding, operated by fully skilled manpower and supervised by qualified engineers.

Several different steel casting applications, such as parts for the automobile and aerospace industries, industrial equipment, and more, employ our wooden templates. We collaborate with customers from a variety of sectors to provide premium designs that satisfy their particular needs and demands.

So, Datre is the right choice if you are looking for the Best Wooden Pattern Manufacturer in Kolkata. To know more about Wooden Pattern Manufacturer,  get in touch with us at Datre Corporation Limited! To begin with your demands for making personalised wooden patterns, contact us right away.