Falta Industrial Growth Center
Sector - III South 24 PGS-743 504, WB, INDIA
+91 7605087008

Products Profile

Datre Corporation Limited, has one of the most modern state-of-the-art Integrated Special Steel and Alloy Steel Casting manufacturing plant at Falta in Eastern India, specialised in liner casting, Couplers for High speed Rail, Various products of HEMM Equipment’s.

Mineral Beneficiation

  • Abrasion Resistance WI casting for grinding mills in mines
  • Cr-Mo Liner plates

Dry Grinding Mill

  • Various types of Liner Plates for horizontal mill in cement plant

Railways Coupler

  • Main Body & Knuckle of AAR H Coupler, Intermediate Tube & Fork Eye of Schaku Coupler

Hammer For Crusher

  • Low Mn Hammer

HEMM Equipment

  • Idler
  • Link
  • Equaliser Bar
  • Tooth Point

Steel Plant

  • Pig Mould & Chain Link for pig casting machine in steel plant

High Temperature Application

  • Peg main Chain for annealing furnace
  • Roller Beam / Skid for annealing furnace