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Industry Outlook

Indranil Dutta, Chief Executive Officer

India is one of the leading countries in the global foundry market, with Steel Casting in particular also taking a leadership role. The primary cause for this is the increased demand for metal casting from various industries like automative, railways, and construction equipment, in particular. To meet the increased demand for metal castings in India, foundries are investing in new technology and equipment. With the geopolitical scene changing almost daily, Indian manufacturers are ideally positioned to capitalize on this unexpected opportunity to improve their economic fortunes. From 2021 to 2025, India’s share of the foundry market is predicted to grow by USD 12.23 billion, with the market’s growth velocity accelerating at a CAGR of 10 percent and the industry is attracting foreign investors. One of the most advanced, state-of-the-art Integrated Special Steel and Alloy Steel Casting Manufacturing Plants is owned and operated by Datre Corporation in Falta, West Bengal in Eastern India, a facility that specializes in Grinding Mill liner casting, Couplers for High-speed Rail, and various HEMM Equipment products.

The buyers have a very dynamic attitude toward both the quality and the delivery of the goods. They anticipate receiving the most up-to-date items and services available in this market. “It is a never-ending game for Datre as well, as we keep ourselves abreast with changing dynamics and always try to rebalance and reset our position to remain relevant in this un-conditional market. Most notably, top-tier steel casting foundries contribute to the strategic value- added intermediary goods of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), meaning that we must be exceptionally adaptable to keep up with the pace with our customer’s needs”, says Indranil Dutta, CEO, Datre Corporation. Datre stands apart from the competition in large part because of the diversity of its distinctive products, all of which are produced on the same platform but are tailored to diverse industries with varying degrees of technical challenges and criticality. “We offer integrated manufacturing facilities like pattern & methoding, melting, moulding,  fettling, heat treatment, and testing, all available in-house. We have products under various heads such as dry grinding mills liner casting, railways couplers for passenger coaches, hammers for crushers, high-temperature applications, and so on. We have 4 heat treatment furnaces of 2 no’s of 5 tons each, 10 tons and 1 ton, with quenching facilities”, adds Dutta.

Datre is having an integrated foundry infrastructure with a basic No bake, ultra-set IMF machine moulding system, 3 induction furnaces of 3-ton, 3-ton, and 0.5-ton capacity. The path was never easy even though all the advances were available in-house during inception, the unwavering dedication to achieve victory is possible for the company to reduce the associated dangers with the support of stakeholders. It is now an ISO 9001:2015 and RDSO-approved Class A foundry. The company is associated with trusted partners ensuring critical solutions for mining, railways, steel plants, and construction equipment.

The company is currently bestowed with a great team and looking forward to ushering in a new era both domestically and offshore, to develop Datre as a formidable engineering brand globally. Future Roadmap The company does not identify itself as a traditional steel casting foundry but rather as an engineering manufacturing enterprise. It is not enough for them to only sell things; rather, selling solutions is their primary objective. The firm takes a more cooperative stance towards its clientele and welcomes the opportunityto continue doing so. Anyone who is seeking answers for an import substitute and difficult product should approach the organization, and they will be pleased to serve those through an inn innovative and collaborative lens.