Falta Industrial Growth Center
Sector - III South 24 PGS-743 504, WB, INDIA
+91 7605087008

Quality Assurance

We are having the following test facilities at our workshop like:

  • All types of facilities of sand testing and Ferro Alloys testing.
  • On line Spectroscopy to check composition of product.
  • Immersion as well as optical pyrometer to check liquid metal temperature. Contact type digital pyrometer for solid metal temperature.
  • All types of dimension measuring instruments like Vernier caliper, scale, inside-outside micrometer, surface table etc.
  • Tensile testing, Impact testing (-45 °c to ambient temperature), All types of hardness Testing like, Brinnel, Rockwell, Poldi, Portable type Digital Leeb Hardness Tester etc.
  • All types of NDT like Radiography, Ultrasonic Testing, MPI, LPT etc.
  • Software base automatic Microstructure Analysis with Inverted Type Microscope ranging from 100X to 1500X.