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Heat Treatment

Are you looking for a reliable Heat treatment Company to ensure the quality and durability of your metal products?


Look no further than Datre’s team of experts.

Welcome to our website about Heat Treatment services. Our business is committed to giving your metal items top-notch heat treatment solutions. In order to ensure that we provide the greatest services to our consumers, our team of specialists utilises the most recent technology and years of expertise. Datre is aware of the significance of heat treatment in maintaining the reliability and sturdiness of your metal goods.

Our Heat treatment Company Services

Among the heat treatment services we provide are annealing, hardening, tempering, and stress relief. Each client has unique demands, and we tailor our services to match them. To ensure that your goods satisfy the highest quality requirements, we deal with a range of metals.

To ensure the strength and quality of your metal goods, heat treatment is necessary. Via our services, you may improve the mechanical characteristics of metals, lessen distortion and warpage, and increase metals’ resistance to wear, among other issues. In order to guarantee that your goods satisfy the highest quality requirements, we may help lessen distortion and warpage.

To acquire the necessary qualities, we heat treat the metal by heating and cooling it. We employ a number of strategies and procedures to make sure we provide the finest solutions for your metal goods.

There are various processes in the heat treatment process, including cleaning, heating, cooling, and testing. In order to guarantee that we get the intended outcomes, we make use of a range of tools and technologies.

Key Features

Our heat treatment services come with a number of advantageous qualities, such as specialized solutions, cutting-edge technology, and short turnaround times. Also Several different sectors, including aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing, utilise our services. In addition to tools, gears, and springs, we have expertise working with a wide range of items. We are dedicated to providing premium services that are tailored to each client’s individual requirements. 

Hood type 01 no ten ton, Boogie type 02 nos. five ton and 01 no one-ton electrical heat treatment furnace, each with Microprocessor and PID controls. Each furnace has water and force air quenching facilities.


So, Datre is the right choice if you are looking for the Top Heat treatment Company in Kolkata. To know more about Heat Treatment,  get in touch with us at Datre Corporation Limited!