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Datre Corporation Limited.

An ISO-9001:2015 Engineering company specialist in manufacturing high chrome casting, white iron casting, Ni-hard casting , other alloy based steel casting and machining at our integrated foundry in falta, West Bengal, india.

Our Vision

To be the preferred global supplier to original equipment manufacturers.

Our Mission

To be most trusted business partner ensuring critical solutions for mining, railways, steel plants, cement and power plants.

Not limiting our horizons towards domestic market but also meeting international standards based on our constant endeavour to empower our motivated work force taking all our stake holders on board

Trailblazing Products

Some of our trailblazing products being manufactured presently.

Anti Abrasive High Chrome Casting For Mill Liners In Mining

We from Datre Corporation Ltd. have a strong presence in the mining sector as we are one of the pioneers in manufacturing and development of ‘High Chrome Liner Casting’ used in Mining as part of liner.

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Steel Casting Hammers Of High Hardness For Crushers

In the cement & steel industry, crusher hammer is one of the most important aspect and industry flag bearers do not compromise in it and they always look for premium quality and sustainable durability of equipments.

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Steel Casting For Railway Passenger Coaches

Datre is now playing an important role in railway safety and is one of the major manufacturing suppliers of the Indian railways. Datre from its trail blazing presence in the industry for a consistent period of time have given a thought to safety.

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Undercarriage Casting For Construction Equipment

The main characteristics of ‘Undercarriage Castings’ is that it is manufactured from No Bake Sand with complex High/Medium alloy carbon steel Melting and heat Treatment process ensuring highest standard quality benchmark...

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