Falta Industrial Growth Center
Sector - III South 24 PGS-743 504, WB, INDIA
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Datre Corporation Limited

( Indian Railways Qualified Class ‘A’ Steel Foundry )

An ISO-9001:2015 Engineering company specialist in manufacturing niche steel casting products as machinery parts, through foundry process & engineering in Modernized semi-automated STEEL FOUNDRY

Trailblazing Products

Anti Abrasive High Chrome Casting For Mill Liners In Mining

From last 10 years ,Datre has been supplying high chrome casting as a part of liner of grinding mill used in mining industries.

Steel Casting Hammers Of High Hardness For Crushers

Datre is supplying steel casting hammer of around 550BHN for crusher used in steel plants and similar industry

Steel Casting For Railway Passenger Coaches

Datre is now playing an important role in railway safety and is one of the major manufacturing suppliers of casting of couplers for express trains of Indian railways

Undercarriage Casting For Construction Equipment

Datre is also supplying steel casting as under carriage component for construction equipment manufacturer.


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