Quality Assurance

We are having the following test facilities at our workshop like:

  • All types of facilities of sand testing and Ferro Alloys testing.
  • On line Spectroscopy to check composition of product.
  • Immersion as well as optical pyrometer to check liquid metal temperature. Contact type digital pyrometer for solid metal temperature.
  • All types of dimension measuring instruments like Vernier caliper, scale, inside-outside micrometer, surface table etc.
  • Tensile testing, Impact testing (-45 °c to ambient temperature), All types of hardness Testing like, Brinnel, Rockwell, Poldi, Portable type Digital Leeb Hardness Tester etc.
  • All types of NDT like Radiography, Ultrasonic Testing, MPI, LPT etc.
  • Software base automatic Microstructure Analysis with Inverted Type Microscope ranging from 100X to 1500X.
Sieve Shaker Sieve Shaker
Scratch Hardness Tester Scratch Hardness Tester
Sand Testing Machine Sand Testing Machine
Immertion Pyrometer Immertion Pyrometer