Steel Casting Hammers Of High Hardness For Crushers

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In the cement & steel industry, crusher hammer is one of the most important aspect and industry flag bearers do not compromise in it and they always look for premium quality and sustainable durability of equipments. Datre Corporation’s signature mark is predominant here as we from years of experience and R&D have manufactured some of the finest quality low alloy Steel Casting Hammers with high hardness which has become a better substitute of manganese steel hammer, being more durable due to its high abrasion & impact resistance, besides havingĀ  work hardening properties.

Datre’s Steel Casting Hammers have the key features like extreme level of abrasion resistance; the material is of very high toughness, manufactured from industrial premium quality hardening steel, which are highly in demand globally and has made us one of the major exporters from India, as it has become a ready and economically viable alternative of Manganese Steel Hammer

Datre’s Steel Casting Hammers has its main usage as limestone crusher in the iron & steel industry, and limestone and Clinker crusher in the Cement Plants.