Steel Casting For Railway Passenger Coaches

Datre is now playing an important role in railway safety and is one of the major manufacturing suppliers of the Indian railways. Datre from its trail blazing presence in the industry for a consistent period of time have given a thought to human safety, and keeping that in mind has come up with several Steel Casting safety products.

One such Steel Casting safety product is the CBC Coupler, to which Datre has given a new dimension, by developing premium quality CBC Couplers Casting used especially in the fastest long distance trains like Shatabdi , Rajdhani , Duronto , JanShatabdi Express, and other semi high speed trains in India.

The uniqueness of the Couplers is that it binds the corresponding coaches firmly with high quality buffering which ensures that in case of head on collisions the couplers will not snap and withstand extreme impact due to its internal quality, thus ensuring that the coaches do not overlap each other and thus reduce the rate of casualty.

Its also in the forefront of supplying  steel components for Schafu couplers for EMU train coaches.

Datre is presently engaged with concerned parties to develop steel casting axle box for Metro coaches made in India.